Construction Assistance Program

If you are concerned about the cost of your new home construction, Stylecraft offers you a unique solution.  Now, you can afford to make your dream home a reality with Stylecraft’s Construction Assistance Program (C.A.P.).  Our C.A.P. program substantially reduces the cost of a new home by allowing you to function as the general contractor.

Our C.A.P. program is a very attractive option to new home buyers because of the one-on-one support/guidance it provides.  We are with you every step of the way from design and blueprints to financing and construction assistance.  We also make sure you have a complete set of foundational prints, a suggested list of subcontractors, and a job estimate worksheet.

How It Works

Unlike similar owner-participation programs, Stylecraft’s C.A.P. offers no pre-cut materials or panelized wall sections to assemble.  Your home will be virtually move-in ready; in order to complete the project, you will oversee the following steps:

  • Site work such as excavating, backfilling, grading, and driveway installation
  • Foundation installation
  • Installation of basement windows, stairs, and handrails
  • Installation of the basement floor
  • Connection of utilities in the basement
    • Set-up of septic, well, and heating system
  • Installation of gutters, drainage systems, sidewalks, steps, decks, fireplaces, and porches

Our C.A.P. program is meant to be flexible and budget-friendly.  We pride ourselves on putting our customer’s needs first and bringing the vision of their dream home to life.  If you have any questions, or if you would like additional information, about our C.A.P. program, please contact our sales team.