Why Modular

Modern Prefabricated Homes

Modular construction is easier, more time-efficient, and saves you money.

With Stylecraft Homes, we don’t just build you a house… we bring your dreams to life!

  • Modular homes are more cost-efficient and built in ¼ of the time of a site built house
  • Modular homes offer complete control over the design and style of your home
  • Modular builds have more rigorous inspections than residential homes
  • Modern Modular homes have better structural integrity and approximately 30% more lumber than traditional builds
  • Modular builds are more energy efficient
  • Modular homes are constructed in segments in a climate-controlled factory by skilled craftsmen that use precise machinery and methods
  • Modular homes aren’t exposed to weather-related factors like rain and mold
  • Modular homes are naturally more resource conscious and result in lower heating/cooling costs
  • Modular homes appraise the same as on-site builds; they do not depreciate in valueModular homes are not mobile homes
  • Modular construction can also be used for commercial applications including office buildings, schools, and apartments